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Welcome to Immortality.

A person born today will be the first person to live beyond 122 years of age, and those following will exceed the previous generation. Today, more than ever, leaders and organizations are getting on board with the longevity movement from Silicon Valley, the wealthy and celebrities are all investing in the promise of staying healthy for as long as possible and living for as long as possible as longevity life extension science is just beginning to become reality.

Immortality is DeSci, decentralized science. Finding cures for diseases with crypto. We are grounded in science, the science of healthspan and lifespan.

Immortality is all about the medicine and therapies that keep investors looking younger, healthier, and living longer. Through a unique grant funding model of longevity science, research, and development, we endeavor to solve aging and age related diseases by incorporating existing therapies and pioneering novel therapies. Research into prevention of morbidity and mortality, gerontology, regenerative medicine, and life extension is Immortality IMT

Immortality is a longevity start-up.

Immortality uses a three platform approach and a roadmap that seeks to go from research and development into drug products and into clinical therapies. All products are science based, peer reviewed and exclusive to Immortality.

IMT is the cryptocurrency token denomination name.

Immortality is a smart BEP20 token on the Binance Chain Network.

Immortality is not for profit. All funds go back into IMT and into replenishing the grant fund for further funding.

The total token supply is locked at a maximum of 888,888,888,888 IMT tokens, or in words, eight hundred eighty-eight billion, eight hundred eighty-eight million, eight hundred eighty-eight thousand, eight hundred eighty-eight. The smart contract has been renounced. No more tokens can ever be added or minted. The coin is deflationary.

Hodlers receive 8% interest every time a transaction occurs, as an incentive to buy tokens and hold them, as the total supply is fixed at a maximum.

Devs receive 2% to fund operations from transactions, as the total supply is locked at a maximum.

The grant fund comprises 444,444,444,444 IMT. In words, four hundred forty-four billion, four hundred forty-four million, four hundred forty-four thousand, four hundred forty-four in funding, over many years, subject to market conditions. The aggressive funding moonshot ought to be enough to solve aging. On average, a drug to market in medicine costs 1 to 5 billion dollars over an average of 17 years. The fund is ample for the cause.

Immortality is a community project. The community comes together and the funding, science, and practice are approved. No grant funding occurs without extensive public consultation, through a crowd fund dashboard, and with particular attention that a round of funding is seen as a positive for the market.

Here is what we need to achieve.

As a proof of concept, gray hair. If something as simple as gray hair cannot be solved, then what chance do we really have? Therefore, our first order is to end age-related gray hair. There are currently seven theories of aging, and we think gray hair is the canary in the mine and tied to a general theory of aging. These conditions are tied to the immune system, where other aspects of aging are also tied to the immune system. Another condition, since forever is wrinkles, and a condition named Cutis Laxa, is second on our list. Wrinkles are tied to a molecular change in the composition of important organs such as the arterial wall, leading to cardiovascular disease, strokes. Curing wrinkles is tied to cardiovascular disease. We will vigorously try to cure both.

Immortality community wants to stay up to date with what is going on with the project and what they can do to stay young and healthy. Investing in Immortality gives you access to the latest information and access to private clinical therapies. Realizing that no product, pill or treatment can undo the damage done by a bad diet, a lack of exercise, obesity, a bad lifestyle, and a polluted environment. To remedy this, an annual documentary with all the cutting-edge lifestyle science, information on how to prevent all cause mortality and morbidity and identify all cause toxicity in the environment. This literature and documentary are to be science referenced. It also needs to be encyclopedicand cover everything, to deliver the full picture. The health advice of 20 years ago is all but incorrect today.

Second, with our hodlers in great shape, we can begin with the longevity medicine situation. The community is driven by molecules, and they are marginally effective. The placebo effect is more beneficial in many cases than the molecules that the scientific community is wasting time on. The pill platform and the skin cream platform are two ongoing products designed to put an end to the molecule situation, so the scientific community can focus on what works rather than what they can put in a bottle. Immortality may seek patents. Immortality is firmly concerned with the science, both efficacious and otherwise, and can potentially move the science to another level.

The longevity pill platform is a single compound tablet containing only peer reviewed efficacious molecules for general consumption. It is the longevity pill. Immortality builds the platform. The community submits its molecules and Immortality peer-reviews using independent labs from various colleges and universities. If the compound shows efficacy, then it can be included in the compound tablet and royalties returned for use of the compound to individual labs. The basis of this pill is a molecule named Rapamycin. The skin cream industry is also sought to undergo the same scrutiny and have a general purpose dermal cream made available for public purchase. Compounds that have no effect are not included, and the science is posted in journals informing on efficacy.

Finally, medical procedures. Research and development into the micro-environment, signal transduction pathways, chromatin and DNA therapies. Stem cell therapies, exosome products, immunotherapies, and more. These therapies are high-cost clinic based procedures, but they might be trivial in the future, such as an oral exosome beverage that could replace injections. We believe we understand the causes of aging, its associated illness and death, but the all important science is required and to the degree and standard that is acceptable to peers.

The end state of these three products results in health and longevity for those that are in the know. In the future, with Immortality and funding of new science, we strongly believe that the limits will be broken and people will enjoy a lifespan beyond 122 years of age and far longer.

Allow us to come through, allow us to build this system. Get on board and let's complete the science to immortality. Buy some tokens today.

To know more, read the whitepaper and read our tech round up, request a partnership.



An annual documentary video that informs people that living an unhealthy lifestyle cannot be mediated by any healthcare system.


A general compound longevity pill, safe for all, with efficacy showing life extension and health maintenance. The primary ingredient is Rapamycin.


Immortality funded science, research, and development of therapies made available through an investor only private clinic.












Hello investor, my name is Kabusuke Nakamoto, and I am the project lead of the devs (development team). I would like to personally welcome you into the immortality cryptocurrency token family.

Over the next year, we hope to be on the front line of longevity research. If we are going to develop the ability to live to one hundred and twenty years and beyond with health, then we need everyone focused on one goal and greatly supporting the project.

I also hope that your time being a part of Immortality will be a great and fun time. We plan to allow more and more investors to contribute to the direction of longevity research. Discussing and voting on what research they think has the best chance of producing lifespan and healthspan extension.

We all tend to understand, at a certain age, and younger people ought to understand it sooner, that the illusion of immortality fades away as our own mortality is presented to us with gray hair, aches and pains, bad memory, tiredness, and frailty. Most people blindly continue their pursuit of worldly wealth, but that grows largely less important the older we get, while longevity and health grow more important, though it is already too late.

Immortality aims to produce an efficacious and effective longevity pill that solves, or at the very least, medicates, the effects of aging. Immortality also seeks to open one or more clinics for more expert medical procedures. As research evolves, the community will require more and more advanced products and procedures to fight against aging, and Immortality wants to bring those technologies to market.

Immortality is front and center in the field of longevity sciences.

Immortality is a long term project.

We believe we have a dynamite program with benefits for both health and wealth. I sincerely hope you can lend your support to the project.

Thank you

Kabusake Nakamoto

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The devs are the people that manage the day-to-day operations of the project. The devs support the cryptocurrency's daily affairs, such as management and promotions, overseeing its operations and managing its grants. The developers manage every part of the project to ensure the success and stability of the token.

Immortality is a serious long-term project, and our only interest is in medical research and getting some treatment for ourselves and investors to maintain health and youth.

The development team can make an effort to bring good news announcements to the market so that investing in Immortality remains a wise choice. The Devs will also build facilities and utility for the community that endows the token with value.

Active development team is working 24/7 to make Immortality IMT a success. We ask that you invest with a long term view.

Tony Gan
Founder, board member

Kabusake Nakamoto
Project lead

Kishie Ukita
Marketing, social media, public relations

Kuno Orochi
Web platforms

Hoga Toru
Market psychology management

Mike Wallace
Science advisor

Hotori Gawara
Biochemist, lab lead

Honori Iwama




Start: Q1 2022
Status: Mission in Progress
πŸ—Ώ BEP20 contract creation ✓
πŸ—Ώ PancakeSwap listing ✓
πŸ—Ώ CheeseSwap listing ✓
πŸ—Ώ JulSwap listing ✓
πŸ—Ώ Lock LP ✓
πŸ—Ώ Promo video ✓
πŸ—Ώ Social media accounts ✓
πŸ—Ώ Coin site listings
πŸ—Ώ CoinMarketCap listing
πŸ—Ώ CoinGecko listing
πŸ—Ώ Website additions
πŸ—Ώ In house telegram chatbot
πŸ—Ώ Audit by Marketmove ✓
πŸ—Ώ Review performance
πŸ—Ώ 20 employees marketing



Start: Q3 2022
Status: Mission on Standby
πŸ”¬ Partnerships
πŸ”¬ Research partnerships
πŸ”¬ Product partnerships
πŸ”¬ Financial partnerships
πŸ”¬ Website review
πŸ”¬ Apply for CEX listing
πŸ”¬ Main marketing push
πŸ”¬ Product formulation
πŸ”¬ Website upgrades
πŸ”¬ Review operation implementation
πŸ”¬ YouTube coverage
πŸ”¬ Product shop



Estimated start: Q1 2023
Status: Mission on Standby
πŸš€ Further CEX listings
πŸš€ More partnerships
πŸš€ More R&D
πŸš€ Medical chat channel
πŸš€ Full marketing push
πŸš€ Expand IMT ecosystem
πŸš€ Release research results
πŸš€ Coin chat channel
πŸš€ Product launches
πŸš€ Launch longevity pill version 1
πŸš€ Launch telemedicine platform
πŸš€ Launch associated health products



Estimated start: Q1 2024
Status: Mission on Standby
⭐ Continue to build
⭐ Develop Immortality meter
⭐ Update laws of Immortality
⭐ Version 2 lifestyle science
⭐ Version 2 pill platform
⭐ Version 1 clinic platform
⭐ Launch longevity pill version 1
⭐ Launch telemedicine platform
⭐ Launch associated products
















8th Nov 2021 (stealth)






888,888,888,888 IMT


888,888,888,888 IMT


Yes, 4th Dec 2021


Mudra Locker 7 years
(Aug 2028)


Marketmove Audit


Institutional Investors Only


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Metamask uses Ethereum, so you require to add Binance to Metamask. After installing Metamask and making a new wallet add Binance. From the top down menu choose CustomRPC...

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You then need to buy BNB coin. If you have installed the Binance wallet alongside Metamask you can buy BNB using your Binance wallet and then send it to your Metamask address. If you are using the Binance wallet you can purchase BNB directly within your wallet using any of the supported payment options (e.g. Credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, Apple Pay). From Binance wallet, you will be redirected to MoonPay. Otherwise, you can go to Binance Exchange, buy BNB and then sending it to any wallet of your choice. As IMT (the unit of currency for Immortality) is on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) which uses Binance Coin (BNB), you require BNB coin first, and then you can swap it over to IMT.

Now with BNB in your wallet, head over to PancakeSwap and connect your wallet by clicking "Connect Wallet". PancakeSwap makes it easy to "swap", hence the name, from one currency to another. While Binance is the leading exchange allowing you to trade IMT easily, PancakeSwap is the leading swap for Binance Smart Chain. Choose Trade and Exchange from the PancakeSwap menu. An embedded application is provided for convenience. Click Connect, Deselect [Auto Slippage] and enter 12% slippage. Enter the amount to invest. Congratulations, you are now an Immortality hodler.

From PancakeSwap, choose trade and exchange. Search for IMT, very important to set the slippage tolerance to 12%. Price slippage is the difference in prices between the time a market order is placed and the time it completes on the blockchain or is filled. Slippage can either be positive or negative, depending on the direction of price change. Enter the amount of BNB (or any other BEP20 token) you would like to swap, and make sure to keep enough BNB in your wallet for gas fee! Lastly, HODL! Congratulations, you are now investing in immortality.

You can expect one of the highest reflections of any tokens at 8% and one of the best projects to be a part of.



That is why we created the development wallet. Please donate to the address below to help the project:


Accepted: any BEP20 token Preferred: IMT or BNB