Research Fund Phase Out Program - Immortality Coin "Make Trades" Airdrop

Official homepage of Immortality coin:

Get FREE tokens when you make trades with Immortality coin.

Welcome to the Immortality coin research fund phase out program. Follow the steps below to participate in the airdrop:

  1. Trade Immortality coin using PancakeSwap
  2. Register the wallet address used to purchase Immortality coin below:
  3. Wallet Address:

  4. Hold the purchased coin in your wallet during the processing time.
  5. We then process the air drop to supplied address, processing time up to a maximum of 28 days, receive an airdrop of Immortality coin, generally the same amount in your wallet or more.

All the tokens in address: 0x8956b9e0eb1184a88635df25f30e344df1b03825804bd100c7b3d25633cca1c0 are to be sent out. Over 400 billion tokens are included in the program. Ownership has been renounced and 100% of the token supply will then be in private hands, liquidity is locked. The dev team continues to develop Immortality coin.

For any questions or concerns, please contact Kishie,

This Airdrop can be found on various third-party Airdrop aggregate websites.