Knowledge Base

Welcome to the knowledge base for Immortality cryptocurrency.

There are two objectives here.

  1. Develop information in the field of regenerative medicine, reverse aging, anti-aging, longevity, life extension, rejuvenation, prevention, transhumanism, biohackers, negligible senescence, immortality...
  2. Information relating to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  3. Off shoots of these two subjects.

Table of Contents

  1. Knowledge Base (this page)

    1. Regenerative Medicine, Reverse Aging, Anti-Aging, Longevity, Life Extension, Negligible Senescence, Immortality...
    2. Star Children Program
    3. List of Carcinogens
    4. Systems of the Human Body
    5. Awesome Biomarkers, Blood Tests and Health Indicators
    6. Completing the Vegan Diet - B12 and Protein
    7. Do Eunuchs Really Live Longer
    8. Top Ten Life Extension Drugs (maybe)
    9. Quit it with the fluoride toothpaste
    10. Oral Hormone Therapy Once A Week - No Injections
    11. Oral Hormones, Steroids, SARM's
    12. Old human cells rejuvenated with stem cell technology
    13. Inflammageing: chronic inflammation in ageing, cardiovascular disease, and frailty
    14. Genetic Engineering and Genetic Therapy
    15. amyloid-β protein does not cause Alzeimer's
    16. Hibernation slows biological aging in bats
    17. Comparative genomics of mortal and immortal cnidarians unveils novel keys behind rejuvenation
    18. Bioavailability
    19. Treating Respitory Infections By Inhaling Antiseptics
    20. What Is Vegan?
    21. Heart Disease with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn
    22. Embryonic Resynthesis, Human Regeneration
    23. Immortal Yeast, Immortal Mice
    24. Eradication of Pathogens and Pests
    25. What is the most basic nutritionally complete diet?
    26. Natural Libido & Erections
    27. GlyNAC
    28. Imperfect Turnover as the Cause of Aging
    29. Too Much Inhibition
    30. Embryonic Resynthesis Human Regeneration
    31. Drinking Alcohol, harm mitigation

    1. Manhattan Group - Our Blockchain Project
    2. 2024 Plan for Immortality Coin

    1. Add Immortality IMT to Metamask, Trustwallet
    2. Send and Request Immortality IMT with anyone using QR code
    3. Buy Immortality IMT with PayPal or Credit Card
    4. Buy Immortality IMT with Pacakeswap-Poocoin
    5. Price of Immortality
    6. API
    7. Promote Immortality Dashboard
    8. Molecule Request Form

    1. Whitepaper

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