Immortality Whitepaper

This is the whitepaper in browser format. Immortality cryptocurrency for decentralized science (DeSci). Medical research coin (med3).

The full whitepaper in PDF format can be found here. Immortality Whitepaper PDF

Welcome To Immortality

Immortality cryptocurrency was made to advance research and practice in the fields of regenerative medicine and not exclusively anything that promotes health in the human body and anything that extends life in the human body, cure aging and age related disease. In research this is conducted in bio-tech laboratory with bio-chemist and in practice in a medical clinic with doctor and nurse. The list of fields mentioned are, regenerative medicine, reverse aging, anti-aging, longevity, life extension, rejuvenation, prevention, negligible senescence, immortality but the entire corpus of physics, chemistry, biology and medicine are utilized in research and development such as haemotology, oncology and imaging. The questions asked are does it improve health, does it reverse age, does it extend lifespan.

Immortality gets its inspiration from the trinity society, the society was built purely for the purpose of making the atom bomb, Immortality society is built to cure aging and age related disease.


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